Back To School

One of my greatest concerns for the first day of school after the month-long holiday is whether Phoebie can wake up on time. Like Ben and I, Phoebie will sleep in late if she can, and was late for school most of the time last term.

To my great surprise, she woke up even before my alarm clock rang! Haha… She was chirpy and cooperative all morning.

But guess what? She was still a little late for school today… This time because Mummy was too tired and laid in bed for too long. Oops… And she also took some time on the potty as well… Haha… Okay okay, so if I had gotten out of bed earlier, the time at the potty wouldn’t have been an issue.

Anyway, when I told her about going back to school last night, she was all “No… No… No…”, so I anticipated some resistance as we approached her class this morning. Thankfully, she went right in and happily said, “Bye bye, Mummy!”.

It certainly felt nice to have my couple of hours back while she was in school. I could finally clear the pile of laundry that has been sitting in the corner of my bed for… Weeks.

I then thought about the chores I needed to do and decided to spread them out through the week.

A couple of hours isn’t long, so very quickly, I had to pick Phoebie up from school.

20130701-173156.jpg The kids came out of class with masks on and I could tell that Phoebie was feeling very special. 🙂 I thought it was nice that the teachers did that for the kids.

After I changed her out of her uniform, she hugged me from behind and I thought that was so endearing.

20130701-175925.jpg After her nap, we went to the indoors playground at Terminal 3 because we had plans to eat dinner at the Airport.

All in all, I think Phoebie had a good first day. The next thing to do is to train myself to sleep earlier so that I can wake up on time and Phoebie won’t be late because of me.


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