Pyjamas Party

One more blast of fun before the school holiday ends, the kids had a pyjamas party last night 🙂

20130629-205057.jpg The party started with the kids sharing and all squeeze in one chair! Haha… I thought that was really sweet because they were sharing so well.

20130629-205206.jpg The kids were all happy to get a kinder joy each 🙂

Next, the girls had a bubble bath and after Korkor Thad was also done, it was movie time!


20130629-210113.jpg It was our hope that the kids would fall asleep as they watched “The Lorax”. Alas! It didn’t happen. Haha… They watched the movie, and walked around the room.

20130629-210245.jpg Some of the Daddies even made a tent for them, and they didn’t want to sleep. Haha…

So our plan for the kids to have a pyjamas party worked. But the plan to get the kids to sleep so that the adults can chill after that didn’t work. Hahaha…

What have I learnt from this pyjamas party?

Well, the kids loved being with one another but I guess at 2.5 to 3.5 years old, they may not go according to our plan. And a movie probably doesn’t put them to bed. Haha… But it was certainly fun for everyone to gather and relax this way. 🙂

Till the next school holiday, kids! 🙂


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