End-Of-School-Holiday Reflection

I wrote the title of this post, looked at it and immediately felt like I am writing for a school holiday homework. Hahaha…

Today is the last Friday of the month-long school holiday. It’s indeed been a busy busy month. I brought Phoebie out almost every day, and because of that, I feel more tired than when she has school.

Let’s see.. We went out with fellow SAHMs and their kids for lunch, we went to the airport to play, we went to the Singapore Art Museum (not once, not twice, but three times), we went for a bubbles show, we went camping at home (and thanks to the haze, we did it more than I had planned to, but Phoebie loved it anyway),

20130628-165316.jpg Phoebie got to be a flower girl for the very first time, together with her friends,

20130628-165439.jpg and thanks to the wedding, we decided to stay one night in a hotel,

We celebrated Father’s Day

We made pizza,

20130628-170212.jpg we made puppets,

20130628-170330.jpg we painted and made hand prints,

20130628-170426.jpg we spent time with family,

We went to the Singapore Science Centre, we attended a birthday party,

20130628-170702.jpg and we watched movies together.

Another thing that Phoebie and I did together a lot was to sleep in. Hahaha…. Almost every morning during the holiday, we woke up at 10am or later. It is only this week that I started to adjust her wake-up time so that she will be ready for school hours next week.

During this school holiday, Phoebie also learnt to wear pants by herself. 🙂 I thought that was a significant milestone because it marks another step of independence.

Exhausting as it can be to keep coming up with things to do, it certainly is fulfilling to know that Phoebie had a lot of fun. It was important to me that not only I got to spend time with Phoebie, but that Ben also got to do the same. I am thankful for a husband who recognizes the need to bond with his daughter. He took leave on some days this month so that we could go out as a family on more days than just the weekends.

After this week, it’s back to the school-day routine. While I am relieved to a certain extent that Phoebie will be back in school (I need the precious time to get chores done and to have some me-time), I’ll probably miss not being able to sleep in and allow Phoebie to sleep till she wakes up on her own. Hahaha… Until the next school holiday, I guess!


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