Mega Bugs

My fellow SAHMs and I brought our kids to the Singapore Science Centre for the Mega Bugs Exhibition today.



20130626-225943.jpg The kids were a little overwhelmed when they saw the gigantic bugs at the entrance. After some assurance that the bugs were not real, they slowly made their way into the exhibition hall.








20130626-230228.jpg It was really to see the bugs magnified to such a proportion. But because the place was dimly lit, the kids looked slightly frightened in the first 10 minutes we were in there.

Oh, in case the pictures don’t show how big the bugs are…

20130626-230452.jpg The girls were right next to the bee display and they looked tiny. Haha…

20130626-230541.jpg There was a push cart where kids can colour pictures of bugs, but the lamp there wasn’t working, so I ended up using my phone as a torch so that the kids could see what they were doing.

At another side, there is a table where kids can colour bug-shaped styrofoam, but it is not a free activity. 2 pieces of styrofoam cost $5.

Generally, the exhibition is interesting and educational (hey, it’s the Science Centre right). But the exhibition is of a smaller scale than I had expected. The exhibition hall is not very big, which made me feel like the $20 adult and $15 child ticket price is too expensive.

Plus, most of the displays are common bugs we see, like flies, spiders, butterflies, beetles and cockroaches. I guess I was expecting bugs out of the ordinary.

So, my feel of this exhibition is – educational, certainly, but kinda expensive.

Unless you are really into bugs and read every single information display in the hall.


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