Father-Daughter Bonding Day

While the car was sent for servicing today, we decided to bring Phoebie out. Phoebie has recently been sticking to me like she is my shadow, not wanting anyone else, and I know that Ben is feeling a little disappointed about it. So I figured a good ol’ quality bonding time for the two of them should do some good.

First, we went to The Central at Clarke Quay for lunch. I remember going to Santouka for some really good ramen with my friends, and decided to go there.


20130625-144550.jpg They have a parent-child ramen set which I thought was pretty awesome because there are so many times when I want to eat something spicy but can’t because I am sharing food with Phoebie. With this combi, I can order a smaller portion of non-spicy ramen for Phoebie while I enjoyed my own choice of ramen.

20130625-145003.jpg We added an order of premium pork cheek as well.

After lunch, we walked over to Robertson Quay and went to The Polliwogs.


20130625-145828.jpg This is one of my favourite indoor play facilities to bring Phoebie to. She had been here twice previously and absolutely loves it.





20130625-210850.jpg The place is quite big and the obstacles are challenging for the kids.


20130625-211101.jpg There is also a dedicated play area for little kids aged 3 and below. This area has a ball pool, slides, a carousel and puzzles on the wall that will keep the little ones entertained and stimulated.

20130625-211303.jpg The cafe area has lots of tables and chairs where adults can chill and children can take breaks and snack while playing.

Ben spent the entire afternoon playing with Phoebie, bonding with her. This was a much needed session to let Phoebie know that other than Mummy, Papa is also there for her when she needs comfort or someone to play with.


The best way to bond is to spend quality time together, doing something the child likes, and Phoebie loves running and climbing at such play facilities.

I knew the afternoon was well spent and worthwhile when…


20130625-211928.jpg Not only did Phoebie share her food with her Papa, but she also shared her toys with him when we got home. Instead of her recent usual, “No, no I don’t want to give to Papa”, she automatically went to Ben with her toys.

20130625-212209.jpg One afternoon of play and there we go… 🙂


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