Movie Time – Monsters University

We brought Phoebie to watch “Monsters University” today and we all loved it! 😀

The movie is funny, colourful and generally fast-paced. Phoebie enjoyed watching “Mike Wazowski” and “James P. Sullivan” as they found their places on campus.

I must admit that I was a little concerned when the Monsters were making their scary faces and roars during the campus events because I didn’t want that to scare Phoebie. So when the scaring was going on, I tried to point out other things to Phoebie, like the colour of the Monster, or what else was on the screen.

I shall not be a spoiler and say too much about the plot, but I would just say that it’s a pretty good show to bring a preschooler to.

The movie is 104 minutes, and to make sure we had easy access to the exit (just in case), we asked for aisle seats. And we went for the show after Phoebie’s nap, so that she wouldn’t be tired or cranky.

“Monsters University” is the perfect school holiday movie for the entire family to enjoy. Try to catch it! 🙂


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