Puppet Making

Phoebie was home all day again today and I was trying to think of what to do with her. We watched shows on the iPad together during the day and I knew that was her “tech quota” for today.

I decided to let her make puppets with us.

20130621-212107.jpg While Phoebie was having dinner, I pre-cut some shapes so that she didn’t have to wait long to paste the puppet together. We didn’t have glue at home, so we used scotch tape and double-sided tape. They proved to be a lot less messy than using glue.

20130621-212309.jpg I let Phoebie choose her puppet’s colour and she chose brown.

20130621-213015.jpg To make the puppet, we used scotch tape to paste the 2 pieces of paper together.

20130621-213149.jpg Next, we make a paper bag using the following steps:
1. Fold about 1/3 of the papers down.
2. Open the folded 1/3 and fold in one side.
3. Fold in the other side.
4. Fold in the bottom of the 1/3.
5. Fold in the top of the 1/3.
6. Tape everything together. The 1/3 should now look like the base of a paper bag.

20130621-213833.jpg Now that the base is done, we:
1. Fold in one side of the entire puppet and bend the fold in both ways.
2. Do the same to the other side. This is to get the fold lines.
3. Push the fold lines on both sides in. The puppet should now look like a paper bag.

If the instructions sound confusing, hopefully this video helps.

20130621-214234.jpg I folded the base of the puppet down so that Phoebie could start pasting whatever she wanted to make her very own puppet.




20130621-214449.jpg After she was done pasting whatever she wanted to paste, I handed her some crayons so that she could colour her puppet.

20130621-214549.jpg While Phoebie was colouring her puppet, Ben and I got busy with our own puppets.


20130621-214719.jpg Tadah! Our family of puppets!!

What I liked about making the body of the puppets from scratch was how we could mix different colours of paper and make our puppets look more interesting.


20130621-214959.jpg After the puppets were made, we had story telling with our new puppets. Phoebie started with “Once upon a time, there was an owl puppet…”. Haha… So I guess her puppet is an owl.

This is actually my first time making a puppet with Phoebie, so I hope the instructions are not too confusing. ;P


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