Haze Programme at Home

So the PSI is crazy high today and all windows are closed.

How to entertain Phoebie, the active almost-3-year-old when we cannot go anywhere? Well, just do all her favourite things!

20130620-150558.jpg That’s right, we went camping at home again. She loves it and she gets to play pretend with all her plush toys.

20130620-150833.jpg When she got bored of camping, she asked for her animal puzzles and poured them all out on the bed. So it was a test of observation when she looked for the pieces. Haha…

20130620-150950.jpg While Phoebie was eating her lunch, I rolled out the papers for a painting session.






20130620-151717.jpg We ended up painting our hands and printing them all over the paper. When colours got mixed, Phoebie made observations and pointed out what she saw. 🙂 And the best part is, while we were busy painting, I totally forgot about the haze. Hahaha…

20130620-151931.jpg After we had enough of painting, we washed our hands. I took out crayons and got Phoebie to add on to the paper.


20130620-152058.jpg I told Phoebie that she could hold a few crayons together at the same time and draw a rainbow on the paper. And I showed her how we could trace our handprints with the crayons. This helped to add more use to one piece of paper.

While doing all these things, I would make sure Phoebie drink water from time to time. Hydration is probably the way to go while we stay indoors to avoid the haze.


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