The haze situation has been very very bad these couple of days in Singapore. Not sure if others feel it but I find myself easily agitated, giddy and even breathless at times.

Phoebie has been coughing on and off throughout the day and her nose would run too. Ben and I are guessing that her discomfort is caused by the haze as well.

I decided to look up the Internet to see if there is more I can find out about the haze and how children are affected, and I found:


I think the best safety precaution is to keep children indoors. If there is really a need to go out, try to move fast. And before leaving home, check the PSI index.

I went out with Phoebie today, but instead of walking to the train station that is about one bus stop away, I decided that we should take a bus. When we got to our destination, I also tried as much as I can to keep us indoors.

Now that we are home and things look super smokey outside, we keep the windows closed and get the fans and air conditioning running. Looks like the utilities bills are going up this month.

Meanwhile, staying indoors with an active preschooler is no easy feat too. Here are some things we all can consider to keep the kids occupied:

1. Play pretend
From pretending to be pirates to princesses or even a shop keeper, it gets the imagination juices going and it gets everyone bonding.

2. Cleaning up
Get some toys that are washable into the bathroom and engage your preschooler’s help to clean them. Preschoolers love helping and being involved. Of course, please supervise this and make sure the children are safe.

3. Read books together
Go on a reading marathon and explore the books that are getting dusty on the shelves. Ask questions like, “how do you feel about this part?” or “what do you see in the picture?”.

4. Painting
Roll out some newspapers to protect the floor and put out mahjong paper that kids can paint on. Let them use their hands and feet if they want to and have fun.

5. Cook together
From baking cookies to making pizza, there’s bound to be something that will interest your curious preschooler. Just make sure you do all the cutting and things that are on the stove.

6. Catch a movie
Put on a good DVD that has a child-friendly film, like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc or the Toy Story series. Preschoolers are full of emotions when they watch movies. Talk about their feelings. It is a good way to process thoughts with them.

7. Concert Time
Put on some good children songs and sing and dance along. Or get your child to sing all her favourite song and clap as she performs.

8. Camping
Phoebie and I went camping in our room last week and she loved it. With the haze this bad, we’ll probably be going camping again. 😉

In the meantime, remember to stay hydrated, both adult and child.

Let’s pray that the haze clears soon and we can get our fresh air back!


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