Indoor Programme – Pizza Making

With the haze problem these few days, there’s definitely a need for indoor programmes to occupy the kids.

My friend, Faezah, decided to make pizza with her girls today and invited Phoebie and I over.

Here’s the recipe she used:

Annabel Karmel is well-known for her children-friendly recipes and her cookbooks can be found in all major book stores. There are also very good resources for her recipes online.

So Faezah started by making the dough and allowed her older girl, Sophie, who is three years old, to help.

20130618-213352.jpg Faezah kneaded most of the dough while Sophie was allowed to knead a small ball of it. And she was happy to be involved.

After that, it was nap time for the kids, so it was a good time for the dough to rest too.

While the kids were sleeping, the adults did the rest of the preparation by cutting up ingredients and making the sauce.

Sophie woke up from her nap first and patiently waited for Phoebie to wake up, so that they could make the pizzas together.




20130618-214148.jpg Sophie was very focused when she was making her pizza and seemed to enjoy the process.

Phoebie was grumpy because she had just woken up but after seeing Sophie’s work, she decided that she wanted to do it too.




After that, it was time for the pizzas to go into the oven. Of course, this portion was executed by the adults, (in this case, Faezah), and while doing so, we reminded the kids that the oven was hot and that they shouldn’t go too near to it.

20130618-214840.jpg Into the oven!

While Faezah and I were making our own pizzas, the girls got busy at the other table “making” more pizzas.

20130618-215043.jpg One thing about making pizzas with kids is probably to expect a mess. Hahaha… It certainly helped that there were two adults because we can help each other.


20130618-215236.jpg And there we go, all done! I would think it’s pretty good for a first time. Haha… Phoebie had her pizza for dinner. πŸ™‚

Thanks Faezah, for having us over. πŸ™‚


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