Father’s Day Celebration

We had a slightly belated celebration for Father’s Day because we were rather busy over the weekend. So since Ben had a day off today, we went out. 🙂


20130617-214635.jpg The day started with Phoebie giving her hand-made card to her Papa.

20130617-214928.jpg Next, instead of driving, we took a train together.


20130617-215054.jpg and caught a movie!

Next, while Phoebie was taking her nap, we enjoyed a little snack.

20130617-215326.jpg Certainly felt refreshing to have soup instead of cakes for tea. Haha…

When Phoebie woke up, we went to the Singapore Art Museum. Phoebie and I had recently gone there but we didn’t explore the entire place, and Ben wanted to see the fairy tale room, so I thought we could go. 🙂


20130617-215608.jpg We started with the dreams room, not knowing it contained some pictures that depict nightmares.

20130617-215900.jpg This is the less scary part of the room. When we walked through the scarier part, Phoebie looked a little frightened and was hugging Ben’s leg. I told her that the pictures looked interesting and she relaxed a little. We didn’t stay long in this room because we didn’t want her to be frightened further.




20130617-220516.jpg The other room on the 3rd floor was a room where children could explore the effects of sound waves and how we can create forms and shapes using a string and some nails.





20130617-220918.jpg This room is on the 2nd floor and Phoebie loved this room! There was lots to see and she could pull the strings and see what happens to the exhibits.





20130617-221329.jpg I personally love this room because it satisfies the curiousity of children and they are allowed to touch what they see.


20130617-221548.jpg This room on the 2nd floor screens the works of local media students. I thought it was so sweet that Phoebie put her hand on Ben and sat quietly with him. 🙂

Lastly, we went back to the room on the ground floor, which is Phoebie’s favourite room of all the exhibits.






20130617-222257.jpg Phoebie spent a few minutes showing her Papa what she saw the last time we were there, and then she ran off to explore on her own again.

After the museum, we went off for Hotpot.

20130617-222724.jpg And that sums up our Father’s Day celebration. 🙂

I thought today was a wonderful day for Phoebie and Ben to have more interaction and bond, especially when Phoebie has recently been more obviously choosing me over him. Hopefully with the activities they did together today, she learns that her Papa loves spending time with her and she can also find comfort when she is with him.


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