Happy Father’s Day

To my wonderful, loving, patient, and caring husband, happy Father’s Day!

The number one reason I can be a SAHM is you. You are willing to take up the financial responsibility for the family and allow me to stay home and take care of Phoebie.

Even though you are tired on some days, you never fail to do your part and spend time with Phoebie by going through her bedtime routine with her.

When you don’t know why Phoebie is kicking a fuss, you listen and try to understand the situation.

When Phoebie needs a hug, you are always there to embrace her.

When she takes a long time to finish a meal, you sit with her until she is done.

When Phoebie is unwell, you lose sleep with me.

When Phoebie throws a tantrum, you stand firm and explain things to her.

When Phoebie does something you think is amazing, you proudly praise her.

When Phoebie misses you while you are away for work, you never fail to assure her that you love her and will be back soon.

Thank you, dear, for the efforts you make to read the parenting articles and to always talk things through with me.

May The Lord continue to bless and guide you. Love you!



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