Wedding Celebration

Nick and Lina had their wedding celebration today and all 3 of us, Ben, Phoebie and I are very honored to be a part of this special occasion.

Wedding parties are a good reason for Mummies to dress and doll up, so I went to my makeup artist today. 🙂 This is also my first time getting my makeup done professionally to host an event.




20130616-000515.jpg Special thanks to Sisi of Fame Bridal for doing my hair and makeup 🙂


20130616-000619.jpg The beautiful ballroom at Swissotel the Stamford. The stage is probably one of the biggest I’ve ever seen in a wedding.

20130616-000747.jpg Here we are, Phoebie as one of the flower girls, Ben as one of the Sword Bearers and yours truly as one of the Emcees.

20130616-001033.jpg And here’s us 🙂

20130616-001206.jpg And here’s all the flower girls and page boy with the groom.

20130616-001305.jpg we took a quick photo after my first round of talking on stage.

20130616-001344.jpg And here’s us again at the end of the dinner. 🙂

This wedding was Phoebie’s first experience as a flower girl, and because of her recent bout separation anxiety, it was a rather tough one too. Our friends had to help take care of her since both Papa and Mama were busy with different things to do for the wedding.

After walking in, Phoebie actually wanted to come on stage to find me. And after my friend carried her away, she started to cry. Thank goodness everyone was very helpful and carried her until I was able to come down from stage.

Even though she cried before and after walking down the aisle, she did pretty well for a first-time flower girl. 🙂

Well done, Phoebie! Mama is proud of you!

And to you, Nick and Lina, may you two have a wonderful journey ahead. 😉


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