Camping At Home

After going out every day since the school holidays started, I decided it was time to stay home today.

My plan was to build a blanket tent with Phoebie so that we could go camping in the room.

Alas! After looking around for materials, I realized it was either the things were the wrong size, or our room didn’t have enough space. So… I gave up on the building part and whipped out Phoebie’s Princess tent.

20130614-141634.jpg This tent was a present from one of our friends for Phoebie’s first birthday and it has always been handy to get Phoebie into the adventurous mood. It’s easy to open and easy to keep, so it’s good for a preschooler.


20130614-141904.jpg First thing she did after I set up the tent was to stuff her favourite plush toys inside.

20130614-142024.jpg “Mummy, come inside the camping…”

20130614-142101.jpg And so, I squeezed inside the little tent with her.

It was also then that I realized how stuffy and warm it could get inside the tent. So I played a game of “airing the tent” by lifting one side of the tent once in a while.



20130614-142349.jpg We sang songs…

20130614-142437.jpg and made puzzles in the tent.

From this “camping trip”, I have learnt that as per any other activity, a preschooler may not want to stay in the tent for a very long time. Our camping experience lasted all of about one hour and Phoebie was playing outside, so I kept the tent to give her more space. Haha…

But hey, at least she had something different to do today and it was fun while it lasted. ;P


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