Taking a Bus with Phoebie

We went to our friend’s home for a play date today. To get there, we could either take a bus or take a train. I asked Phoebie what she wanted and she said she wanted to take the bus. So… Okay, we’ll take the bus. 🙂

I usually bring Phoebie out on her stroller but when she has a proper place to nap, I will use the baby carrier to give her a piggyback ride. The piggyback is also my preferred choice if we are taking a bus because I won’t have to worry about folding the stroller and hurrying to a seat with Phoebie in one hand and the stroller in the other.

The bus we took today was a double decker bus and since we were without a stroller, I decided to bring Phoebie onto the upper deck for the first time.

20130613-000136.jpg She was so fascinated, she immediately “plastered” herself to the window. Haha…

20130613-000243.jpg After a while, she sat back to enjoy the view outside.

I must admit that I can be a very “gan chiong” mother, so whenever I take the bus with Phoebie, I try to get ready early before we have to get off the bus. Like today, I knew the bus would turn at a junction before the stop we would alight, so the moment I saw it was a red light at the junction, I quickly put Phoebie back in the piggyback and went down to the lower deck. I didn’t want to walk down while the bus was moving because the bus could stop or jerk any time.

Oh, and I love using the baby carrier to give Phoebie a piggyback ride because it is a good way to keep my active preschooler from running off, especially in places that can be dangerous.

As much as I can help it, I prefer to use the baby carrier than the stroller when I have to take a bus with Phoebie. Strollers must be folded when we board the bus, and, let’s face it, most bus drivers move off before u can stabilize yourself, your child and your stroller and it can be dangerous. With Phoebie in the carrier, I have much lesser things to balance.


20130613-000853.jpg This is how I will carry her out.

And this is also why I love my Ergo Original baby carrier. It allows both front and back carry and helps distribute the weight of the child, so that it is easier on the back. There are many brands for such baby carriers in the market now, so it’s important to try out the carriers before deciding which one to buy.

I like to bring Phoebie out this way because it keeps her close to me and I have my hands to carry whatever else I need to carry. It also gives me time to talk to her and look at things together. It’s a good thing that Phoebie isn’t too big… Haha… Otherwise I probably can’t last long with the piggyback ride.


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