Jo Frost’s Toddler SOS

I was at Popular bookstore and while browsing the Parenting books section, I found a book that caught my attention.

20130610-221320.jpg If Jo Frost sounds familiar, it’s because she’s in the reality parenting show called Super Nanny. I’m not a follower of the show but I have watched a few episodes.

I took a look at what topic the book covers

20130610-222001.jpg and after realizing that the book is in a question-and-answer format, I decided to buy the book. I feel that books in such formats are easier to read and I will feel less like I am reading a textbook.

20130610-222140.jpg I read the introduction of the book and this portion really spoke to me. It served as such a good reminder and encouragement that cultivating good habits in a toddler takes time and that I should not give up just after a couple of days.

After I read the introduction, I headed straight to the Sleep segment of the book and, as if heaven sent, the first question in this segment sounded like what we are facing with Phoebie now. I read on and saw Jo Frost’s suggested remedy:

20130610-222902.jpg I know we have tried similar techniques when Phoebie was younger, but to simply walk in, put a hand on her tummy and say “ssshhhh”, this is something we have yet to try. So I asked Ben to read this and told him that we will start trying this technique tonight.


I read on in the sleep training segment of the book and saw this


And then I realized, oops! This sounds more like Phoebie because we transitioned her to her toddler bed when we came back to Singapore! So I read on for Jo Frost’s answer:

20130610-235119.jpg After reading this, I quickly discussed with Ben and we agreed that this sounded more like what we should be doing with Phoebie. Poor Phoebie… She was left to cry in the room because we thought the technique was more for her stage!

When I realized this, I felt so sorry and bad for her…. đŸ˜¦ But I guess what is important is we learn from here. So Phoebie, Mama and Papa will sit in the room quietly while you learn to fall asleep in your bed, feeling secure.


These days, I love looking through parenting books and buying the ones that I feel contain bite-sized information. I find that reading parenting books not only encourage me, but also remind me of things I am already aware of. Sometimes, these things slip my mind when things don’t go my way. Parenting books also “parent” me into a mum who thinks more about what I do.

Of course, I must remember that every child is different and I cannot take the advice from these books wholesale. What’s important is adjusting the “theories” accordingly and fit them into what Phoebie needs.


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