Bubbles Legendary

Together with our friend, we brought our daughters to the Bubbles Legendary show today at the Festive Grand Theatre of Resorts World Sentosa.

I’ve been looking forward to this show because Phoebie loves bubbles (well, most kids do) and I wanted her to enjoy the show.

The show started kind of slow, with the two performers doing some tricks with their equipment.

After a while, I realized the show was getting kind of draggy and even the applause from the audience was kind of half-hearted.

Phoebie went from sitting upright to slouched into her seat. I tried to talk to her to get her more excited but I eventually gave up. Haha…

There was some interaction with the audience as the performer required volunteers for some parts of the show. But even that got a little draggy after a while. The most interesting audience participation was when two kids stood inside a soap pool where big bubbles were created over them. The rest of the audience partipication performances, I didn’t quite get.

Like the performer asked for a couple to come up on stage and got them to stand in the middle of the stage. We anticipated something that would wow us, only to see some graphics on the screens and bubbles showering on the couple. And that was it. -_-” okay…

After the fifteen minutes intermission, the show resumed with some play of laser lights and this guy in a lighted helmet dancing like he is controlling the lasers. And then there was audience partipication again, with one boy asked to shoot bubbles because he was a bubble hero. Again, we anticipated something a little more, but that segment was just that – a boy using a water gun to shoot bubbles.

The remaining part of the show was a fusion of laser lights and bubbles, with the lasers creating visual effects because of the bubbles.

I must say that I was disappointed because I expected more of the performance. Ben and our friend echoed my thoughts and the reaction from the kids showed their boredom after a while.

While it was impressive to see what the performers could do with bubbles, the same tricks were repeated over and over throughout the entire show. The only time when the kids in the audience got really excited was when bubble were showered all over the theatre at the end of the show.

Oh, I didn’t take any pictures of the show because photography of the show is prohibited.

20130608-154255.jpg Anticipating a good time together.

20130608-154808.jpg Phoebie and Reika were quite into the show at first.


20130608-154947.jpg And then they entertained each other during intermission.

20130608-155040.jpg Phoebie said she missed Reika and gave her a big hug.



20130608-155239.jpg The girls finally got really excited when the bubbles showered on them at the end of the show. But hey, it was the end of the show…

20130608-155344.jpg Our show-watching buddies! 🙂

While the show was disappointing, the good thing was, it was a good family outing and the girls got to have fun together. 🙂

And now, back to looking out for more performances the kids will enjoy.


One thought on “Bubbles Legendary

  1. yeah, super disappointing… faith too was excited in the beginning, then her interest wanned and become frustrations… you did well by getting a seat for Phoebie. faith got uncomfortable (some how) sitting on our lap, and din wanna continue sitting… that contributed to her crankiness too.. oh well.. so much for a fantastic bubble show

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