Outing to the Singapore Art Museum

I’ve been wanting to bring Phoebie to the Singapore Art Museum for a while now and decided to do it today.

We took a train to the Bras Basah station on the Circle line and easily found our way there.


20130607-145057.jpg The museum is right outside exit A. One thing to note though, is that there is no lift or ramp for the stroller to go up. We had to use the escalator and I had to slowly maneuver the stroller down the short flight of stairs.



20130607-145439.jpg Phoebie wasn’t too excited when we got to the main building of the museum because it was rather warm. I knew I had to move faster before she got cranky.



20130607-145641.jpg We were asked to follow the arrows to where the exhibit for children was and when we got there, I realized that place was right outside the exit from the train station! Haha… I felt a bit silly realizing we had walked one whole round. But I guess it was worth the walk because we got to take pictures.


20130607-145851.jpg Seeing these exhibits outside the museum, Phoebie wanted to hop off to see everything.




20130607-150047.jpg I really hope Phoebie didn’t destroy anything. A lesson I learnt today is that it is really hard to make a curious preschooler keep her hands off exhibits. So I’m gonna make sure the exhibitions I bring her to from now on, are those she is allowed to touch.

I had to find a way to get her away from touching all the things, so I told her there was more to see inside the building, even though I wasn’t sure what. Haha…

20130607-150317.jpg We went in and I noticed some preschoolers on a school trip. Looks like I have brought Phoebie to the right place for an outing. ;P

20130607-150455.jpg Phoebie saw a very colourful room and immediately wanted to go in. I quickly reminded her that she had to remove her shoes.


20130607-150712.jpg What an interesting room! It was filled with different fairy tales and nursery rhymes! And I noticed that the characters were very much “localized”. Haha… Like this Goldilocks and the 3 Panda Bears! What a twist!

20130607-151036.jpg Check out the Peranakan Red Riding Hood!

20130607-151229.jpg Phoebie liked this Indian Prince on an elephant. And if you are wondering what story this prince is from,

20130607-151344.jpg it’s Rapunsel! Haha… So cool right?

Here are some of the other stories, all tweaked with a local taste:





Other than the little local twists in some of the stories, there were also some that Phoebie really loved.

20130607-151858.jpg She loved this rainbow bridge that was right in the middle of the room and kept going up and down.

20130607-152012.jpg The ugly old troll was hiding under the bridge and Phoebie wanted to take a look.

20130607-152142.jpg We laid down under the bridge and found a weird mirror.

20130607-152442.jpg There was an activity table where kids could colour or solve crossword puzzles.


20130607-152553.jpg Phoebie really loved colouring and told me she was colouring a magic mirror. When she got bored of colouring, she ran off with her picture

20130607-152658.jpg and sat in front of the big mirror. 😀

I really enjoyed this room because there was so much to look at. I tried to get Phoebie to point out the big and small things all over the room.





20130607-152931.jpg From the walls to the floor, there was so much to see. Phoebie didn’t want to leave this room, so we didn’t explore the other levels in the museum. I decided to let her do what she wanted since she was so interested in all the pictures.

It wasn’t until she was hungry that we were able to leave. Haha… I told her it was lunch time and she told me “Phoebie is sooo hungry!” And off we went for lunch.

We walked about 10 minutes down to City Hall area and had lunch at Raffles City Shopping Centre.


And now that she is taking a nap, here I am sitting with my Strawberry Smoothie and writing this.


I think Phoebie really liked the Art Museum’s children section and I’ll probably bring her again while the exhibit is going on. Next time, Papa is coming with us, so that they can spend time exploring the stories together! 😉


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