Quality Time with Phoebie

We had to go to the airport today with my Uncle to run some errands, and I decided to spend some time with Phoebie after that, just the two of us.

20130607-001239.jpg The moment she saw this, she said “Hello Mr Apple, why are you sitting on the flowers?” I was amazed at how observant she was because I didn’t even take notice.

We went to Terminal 3 for lunch and on the way, she was fascinated by something she saw.

20130607-001445.jpg She told me, “It’s blue”, and I took the opportunity to tell her, “This is a globe and the blue part is the ocean.” I wonder if she will grow to love Geography. 😀



20130607-001805.jpg While waiting for lunch to be served, we took some photos together and she loved it.

20130607-001856.jpg After lunch, we went to Phoebie’s favourite place at the airport – the playground at basement 2 of Terminal 3. We were there around 1.30pm and the playground was rather quiet, which I like. I also like this playground because it is designed for children of Phoebie’s age.

20130607-002133.jpg Most public playgrounds have a sign that suggests the appropriate age the playground is designed for, and this playground at the airport is one of those that is friendly for younger children.



20130607-002323.jpg Because we went at a time when the playground wasn’t crowded, she was able to play without having to wait for her turn.

I guess an empty playground has both its pros and cons. The good thing is, I don’t have to worry that Phoebie gets run over by bigger, rowdier children, but the not-so-good thing is, Phoebie gets bored because she has no other children to play with.

She wanted to leave pretty quickly, so I brought her to the Fairprice Supermarket nearby to buy some snacks. We went back to the playground after that and there were more children there by then. So she wanted to play again.

Before I knew it, she was playing with a set of 3 siblings who seemed to take a liking towards her. I could see that the eldest boy was telling his sisters to be nice and gentle to Phoebie. Soon, they were running round and round together and I saw Phoebie learning to play hide and seek.

When I see Phoebie interact with children we don’t know, it never fails to remind me how simple it actually can be to trust people and make new friends. Children don’t hv complicated thoughts or ulterior motives when they make friends. This is probably something adults need to learn sometimes.

I really liked how these 3 children were taking care of Phoebie and playing with her, and passed her some snacks to share with them. I also made it a point to tell the children’s father how wonderful I think his children are.

By this point, it was Phoebie’s nap time and I decided to take a bus home with her so that we could talk on the bus. I knew Phoebie was tired after all the running. Thank goodness we got 2 seats, so Phoebie was able to get comfortable in the bus. We looked out the window together and pointed out what we saw.

Before I knew it, Phoebie was dozing off.

20130607-003338.jpg And then she fell asleep. Haha…

I loved this little outing today because it was just Phoebie and I and we could only talk to each other, which means we had each other’s full attention.

Tiring as it can be to be a SAHM, such outings really allow me to enjoy my child and spend some time with her that is different from being at home. 🙂


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