Lunch with Fellow SAHMs

So we decided to have lunch together today and wanted to go to a place where kids can play after they eat, while us mummies sit and chill.

We decided to go to the Marché at 313 Somerset because we haven’t been there.

20130605-193509.jpg Marché currently has some lunch specials so it wouldn’t be too expensive to eat there if you don’t mind what is offered.

20130605-193648.jpg I had rosti (as usual) and the lunch express included the nümberger sausage. And I saw someone ordering his rosti with egg and decided to try. It was yummy!

20130605-194935.jpg I wasn’t aware there was kids’ meal, so I ordered a lunch express pasta for Phoebie and she loved it! I must say though, that it’s best to eat up while the pasta is hot because it became very tough and hard after it cooled. Thank goodness Phoebie was still willing to eat even then.

20130605-195151.jpg We sat right next to the play area so that we could watch the kids while chatting. The play area is a 2 storey playhouse.



20130605-195414.jpg On the “front porch” are some play tables where kids can enjoy the toys available.

20130605-195343.jpg Here’s the inside of the playhouse. It’s nothing too fancy but it certainly keeps the kids occupied because they get to climb up and down.

20130605-200541.jpg This was the only other toy at the play area. Haha…

There was another 2 tables of Mummies and kids sitting at the play area when we were there, so there was a lot of children. Because the play area is not very big, it felt kind of crowded. If you want to avoid a crowded play area, maybe it’s good to go after 3pm, after the lunch crowd has cleared.

Generally, this Marché outlet is pretty kids friendly. So during this school holiday, it can be a good option for gatherings with kids. Maybe just not at lunch or dinner time. Haha…

Oh, and just for today, I decided to wear a dress! Wahaha…

20130605-201324.jpg I bought this dress yesterday at Tipilly’s sample sale and loved this so much that I had to wear it. The apparels from Tipilly are designed by a local talent, Alicia Koo.

I must be honest that my dress is rather short, so I had to wear a pair of shorts under it to make it easier to look after Phoebie.

I happen to watch a Taiwanese talk show last night that was talking about Mummies who don’t look like Mummies. And it reminded me that just because I am a Mummy, doesn’t mean I cannot or should not dress up. 😀

Sure, there has to be some limitations with what Mummies wear, but still, even with those limitations, we can look nice 🙂


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