Singapore Expo This Weekend

I’m at Singapore Expo taking a quick break as I type this.

There are so many people here! And I just realized there’s so much going here this weekend.

At Hall 6, there’s the Motherhood Fair 2013, with all the good deals for diapers, milk powder, strollers, cribs and all that a baby or young child needs.


I haven’t walked through the entire fair because I need to feed Phoebie lunch. But I went to grab some diapers first because

20130531-141636.jpg Huggies is giving away a free scooter for a purchase of $150. Okay, I know, sounds kiasu. But hey, I need the diapers anyway, might as well get a good gift along with my purchase. And it works out because I have been wanting to buy a scooter for Phoebie.

Yesterday they gave this away

20130531-141923.jpg so I’m guessing they might give something different tomorrow and Sunday.


20130531-142349.jpg I bought a total of 12packets of diapers.

After putting the diapers in the car, I quickly went two halls down to the Singapore Food Expo to find something to feed Phoebie.

20130531-142758.jpg Even on a Friday, the food expo is so crowded!


20130531-143025.jpg This is the food area where there are tables and chairs for people to sit down and enjoy the food.

20130531-143249.jpg This seafood chowder was my lunch. I found it a little sweet but otherwise okay.

The food expo has all kinds of food and sauces, so if u want to try new products, come look here.

There’s also John Little Mega Expo Sale at hall 3, which I will be going to. This sale is kind of like the Robinsons Expo Sale, so it’s a good one stop shopping.

So… I’m off to more shopping. Come to Singapore Expo if you are free today, or this weekend if you are okay with crowds ;P

*Updated* (almost midnight)
I spent almost 9 hours at the Singapore Expo today. Haha… Thanks to the super heavy downpour in the evening, my friend and I and the kids couldn’t leave, so we had dinner there. We tried to have dinner at the food expo but the wait for a table was so long, we just went to the food court outside Hall 5.

Anyway, here are some stuff that caught my attention at the Motherhood Fair.


20130601-000144.jpg Fisher-price and Vtech toys can be very expensive in Singapore, so I thought these are pretty good deals.

20130601-000315.jpg Nepia is a Japanese diaper brand that is usually sold online or via its phone line. They deliver the diapers to your door step, which is wonderful because you wouldn’t have to squeeze all the diapers in your car, like I did. Phoebie uses Nepia now (I bought Huggies at the Fair cos of the free toy. Haha…) and it is very soft. 🙂 U can ask for samples if you are unsure whether this brand will suit your child’s skin.


20130601-000645.jpg My friend and I let our girls play at this play area at the back of the Fair. It can be pricey (or at least to me) because they charge $15 for 30minutes of play. We let the girls take the day pass which cost $25, and entitles them to play there for the whole day if the girls wanted. This was a better deal for us because the girls played for a total of 2 hours.


20130601-001012.jpg By the time we had to leave, Phoebie had to be carried out because she was having so much fun and didn’t want to go home. So I carried my screaming and kicking daughter out. Haha….

Oh, and Huggies is indeed giving out different toys! By night time, they had finished giving away the scooter and started giving this:

20130601-001237.jpg I wonder what they will give tomorrow.

Generally, there are quite a lot of good deals for diapers. As for strollers, toys, cribs and other needs of babies and wants of parents, it depends on the vendor.

Remember to walk around and compare products and prices. I saw a lot of similar looking baby carriers but the price can differ greatly. Also check the material and see whether the products are worth the price.

That marks the end of my trip to this year’s Motherhood Fair 🙂


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