Motherhood Fair 2013

Motherhood Fair 2013 starts today at the Singapore Expo, Hall 6!

If you are expecting a child or have young children, this is a good place to go.

(I will only go tomorrow, so I can’t share much about the deals yet.)

Based on my experience to baby fairs like this, here are some things to note:

1. If you are there to buy diapers from big brands like Huggies and Pampers, be early! Because the stock for certain sizes may run out by afternoon and you won’t be able to get the size you want. Most people buy diapers at these fairs by the carton, so stock can run out really fast.
*If you are an expectant mum, I would suggest you just buy a couple of packets instead of stocking up, because some babies are sensitive to certain brands of diapers, and if your baby happens to be one of them, the diapers you stock up might not be the brand suitable for your baby’s skin.

2. If you are looking for other things like strollers, baby cot, or even toys, don’t rush to go on the first day or at least too early on the first day. A lot of vendors at the fair are still bringing in stock and arranging their goods when you go too early on the first day.

3. A lot of goody bags and freebies are given out by vendors, but usually, the requirement is that you do a survey or fill up a form. So don’t be too quick to take a goody bag if you don’t want to disclose your particulars.

4. Do your research on the products you are looking for, prior to going for the fair. So you know what to look out for. This includes talking to friends who are currently using the products you are looking for.

5. Walk around and compare prices before you decide to buy something.

6. Have the Sales person explain the functions of what you want to buy and ask all the questions you need. Don’t let them rush you just because they are in a hurry to attend to others. You need to know what you are buying and how it works.

7. Look through the programmes that will take place at the main stage. While taking a break from shopping, sitting down for a free talk may be beneficial.

8. Be a prudent shopper. Just because the product looks attractive or useful and your friend has it, doesn’t mean you need it. Here’s a list of some things that not every mummy or baby needs.

9. If you are heavily pregnant or dislike crowds, go on the 1st or 2nd day. The 3rd and 4th days are during the weekend and the place is very crowded.

10. When buying big items like cribs or strollers, make sure you keep your receipts well and have the contact number of the company you bought from.

11. If you are a new mother and are new to the Fair, and is looking for somewhere to change your baby’s diaper, there’s a changing/nursing room within the Fair, where there are a few changing tables. So look out for it.

If you are going to the fair today, here’s a look at some of the deals.

Happy shopping, Mummies! =)



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