Tea Time in Town

My SAHM friends and I met up for lunch today and after a bit of shopping at Daiso, we went for tea.

20130529-214523.jpg Paris Baguette is located on the 2nd level of Wisma Atria. You can find its Facebook page here.

When I sat down and heard some Korean Pop music, I wondered why a French pastry cafe would play Korean music. It was later that one of my friends explained that Paris Baguette is originally from Korea.


20130529-215413.jpg They have a nice selection of cakes that is right at the entrance.

What attracted me, however, was the variety of pastries.



20130529-215606.jpg Just look at all the mouth-watering pastries!! And the best part is, the pastries are not very expensive.

What was expensive however, was the drinks.


20130529-215945.jpg If you are a coffee person, the coffee price is pretty alright for a cafe. But sadly, I am a tea person and I didn’t think I wanted to pay $11 for a cup of iced chamomile tea. Thankfully, they serve water upon request. So I ended up having water with my pastries. 😀

20130529-220201.jpg Here are my orders. The “Flying UFO” was $2.60 and the “Strawberry Pyramid” was $3.60. I think that’s pretty reasonable for this kind of pastries. 🙂

Here’s what my friends ordered.


20130529-220502.jpg I’m not sure how much they spent but we all agreed that the price was reasonable.

So Mummies, if you are meeting friends near Orchard MRT and would like to go somewhere for tea, this is a pretty good choice 🙂


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