Of Gynecological Issues

I went to my gynae yesterday, bringing forward my original appointment that was scheduled in June, because of a bleeding problem. Most women find the monthly “bleeding session” a chore and I am no exception.

I had a procedure done in March this year and the monthly menstrual cycle kind of went haywire after that. I bled for much longer than expected and decided I had better check things out with my gynae. I had recently done a Pap smear exam, and the results were okay, so I knew I had lesser to worry about.

When my gynae checked me, he checked and scanned for abnormality. After the scan, he sat down with Ben and I about his findings. He said I have “bubbles” or polycysts in my ovaries and because this can cause hormonal imbalance, this is why I have been bleeding longer than usual.

He went on to explain that polycystic ovaries are actually common in women and while some cases can be serious, most heal by themselves as ovaries’ appearance can change and the polycysts disappear. At this point, he says there is no call for concern and I should give my body some time to let nature run its course. He will see me again in 6 weeks and check the situation again.

It was a relief to hear from my doctor that this is not a serious thing but of course, certain things he mentioned caused me to think a little more. He said that such ovaries can lower fertility rate because the egg may not be released, and that they can cause a higher chance of miscarriage. However, when asked, he also said it was possible that I have always had polycystic ovaries, even before I had my daughter.

I decided to google for more information after I got home and while searching, I found that polycystic ovaries are indeed more common than I thought.




While knowing about the “bubbles” in my ovaries can be a worrying thing, I am choosing to be thankful that I now know what is causing me to bleed beyond a normal menstrual time frame. Now that I know, as a Christian, I can pray very specifically about it. And I am thankful for a gynae who patiently answered all my questions.

I am choosing to write about this because sometimes, as mummies, we may be too busy to take care of our health and we may take certain things too lightly.

Women are a special breed with many possible gynecological issues. This is probably also why insurance companies come up with specific policies that are designed just for women.

Mummies, go for an annual Pap smear test, and remember to do your annual check ups with your gynae. If you have abnormal pains or bleeding that doesn’t go away after a few days, seek help from your doctor. Getting your situation treated early is always better than living in uncertainty.


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