Random Outing

What I love about being a SAHM and having a wonderful group of friends who are doing the same – being able to go on a random outing on a weekday after all the kids are done with school. 🙂

We decided to go to Nex today. Nex is a shopping mall at Serangoon Central and is accessible by MRT using both the North East Line and the Circle Line.

Nex has 2 supermarkets – Cold Storage on level B2 and Fairprice Xtra on level 3, so Mummies who need to buy groceries are spoilt for choice here.

There’s also Isetan here, so if you need something from a departmental store, you can look here. And by the way, before heading to Isetan, you can find out about their latest promotions here.

Nex is one of the largest neighborhood shopping malls in Singapore and has a LOT of shops, meeting all kinds of needs.

But we went on this random outing today to Nex for the water playground that is on level 4R, aka the rooftop.




A lot of malls have a water play area these days, but what I like about the one at Nex is the wash up area, which a lot of water playgrounds lacks. This is good for parents to rinse the kids up properly after playing. The wash up area has 2 shower heads that are high and 2 low taps if what you need is just to rinse or wash ur hands and feet. They can be found next to the slide.

Oh, and today’s random outing shows me once again how important it is to link up with friends who are also SAHMs. Today’s outing allowed us mums to touch base and share thoughts while kids are playing. And while cleaning up and snack time, we can help one another. 🙂


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