“Journey to the West” – Exploring IMM

One of my fellow SAHMs recently went to IMM, a shopping mall in the west of Singapore and told my group of friends about her findings there. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, so after attending Church Service today, we decided to go as a family, or rather, I wanted to go. Haha…

IMM is one of the largest malls in Singapore and has a lot factory outlets of a lot of popular brands, both for children and adults. More information about IMM can be found here.

Just to name a few outlets, there’s Clark’s, Adidas, Converse, Billabong, Esprit, G2000, and

20130526-200309.jpg Coach!

20130526-200344.jpg There’s even Agnès B.!

Another shop that caught my attention was

20130526-200445.jpg this one. They have Gap, Guess and even Banana Republic at outlet prices.

All these outlets are on the ground floor. There are also a lot of sports outlets, so if your husband is into sports, he won’t be bored there.

On the other side of the ground was a section full of food.

20130526-200709.jpg A lot of the food here are finger food, so we simply packed something and went shopping while enjoying a snack.

The food I tried was

20130526-200815.jpg this. This is called 香港鸡蛋仔. It’s a cake-like snack from Hongkong. The flavors available include original, chocolate, cheese, pizza and pandan. My husband and I tried the original and while we found it a little plain, the fragrance kept us reaching for the little circles.

On the 2nd floor are a lot of children apparels and on the 3rd floor are mostly home furnishing stores.

On the 3rd floor at the Garden Plaza, there’s also a playground and a water play area.



My picks of the shops at IMM are:

1. Stride Rite – this is an American brand of shoes for children and it is popular because the structure of its shoes provide good support for children’s feet. At this outlet, the price is definitely more attractive than at a boutique. However, I do find that the selection for girls’ shoes is rather little. Hopefully they can increase the variety soon.

2. Crocs – the deals here are pretty good. I got a pair of shoes here at 50% off boutique price. The selection for older children is pretty good too, so parents with children of primary school age should find good deals here.

3. Daiso – need I say more? Everything is priced at $2 and they sometimes have very interesting items. 😀

Other than shopping, IMM has a lot of eateries and will most likely have something suitable for you.

With June holidays just round the corner, IMM is definitely a place to consider bringing the kids. 🙂


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