Studio Photo Shoot For Children

Phoebie was invited for a free studio Photo shoot by Fame Bridal, a studio at Chong Pang and we went for the photo shoot today. Phoebie is not new to photo shoots because I would always practise my photography skills using her as a model but this was definitely her first studio shoot.

20130525-232512.jpg This is one of the looks we prepared for her.

20130525-232604.jpg We thought it’d be fun to have some photos of her in pajamas and even brought our own body pillows.

Phoebie had a total of 4 different sets of clothes, all provided by ourselves.

We know the photographer pretty well because he was also the one who shot our bridal studio photos five years ago. Because it was a free shoot for us, we pretty much went with the flow of what the photographer wanted. The photographer was patient with Phoebie and allowed us to guide Phoebie through the entire photo shoot.

Here are some things I learnt about bringing a preschooler for a studio photo shoot:
1. It is more tiring for the parents because they have to keep the energy level high to influence the child.
2. Go for the photo shoot at a time when the child is most energetic and not when the child is due for a nap and is cranky.
3. Bring a lot of the child’s favourite things.
4. Do not expect the child to be willing to stay on the same spot throughout the shoot. She won’t.
5. Make sure the staff in the studio are friendly with your child. This way, your child will be more comfortable with the environment.
6. It helps to practise poses with the child before the photo shoot.
7. Prepare some of your child’s favourite music to dance to.
8. Make sure the clothes for the shoot are comfortable.
9. Communicate with your child and let her rest when she asks to.
10. Do not drag the photo shoot. The child will get bored or restless.

All in all, Phoebie did well for the shoot. She started off with high energy and only started to get restless at the last outfit. She also communicated well with everyone who was at the shoot.

Now we shall wait for the photos to be ready 🙂


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