Public Holiday and Birthday Parties

As a SAHM, I love public holidays. My husband doesn’t have to work and we get to spend more time together as a family.

Usually, we will plan on where to go and what to do. But just for this public holiday, the programmes were all lined up for us. We have 2 birthday parties to attend today, which sounds like a lot of fun for Phoebie 🙂

The first party is our niece, Eva’s. Eva’s party was held at Peek-a-boo at Kallang Leisure Park. This is also our first time to this particular indoors facility and I thought it was a great chance to check it out.

20130524-162024.jpg Peek-a-boo is located on the second floor in the mall, right above Starbucks.

20130524-162127.jpg It’s got an obstacle course that kids can climb up n down on.

20130524-162209.jpg This is probably one of the biggest ball pools I’ve seen in similar facilities so far. There’s more of it at the back, and the kids love it. The danger though, is some big kids like to bury themselves inside and may get stepped on if the place is crowded.

20130524-162350.jpg They have a bouncy castle for kids 5 and below. What I liked was how staff will try and stop older kids from misusing it, ensuring the safety of younger users.

20130524-162520.jpg The obstacle course is about two stories high.

One of my friends told me that Peek-a-boo has a drop-off service so I decided to check with one of the staff there. I was told that the drop-off service is for children 4 years old and above and it’s for 2 hours. Parents can drop the children off to play and maybe go for coffee or get some shopping done.

20130524-162802.jpg The charges are stated above, so if anyone is interested, you can come try it 🙂

Or you can check out the website here

Peek-a-boo isn’t the biggest indoors facility around but if you live in the east of Singapore or live somewhere near a Circle Line MRT station, it’s worth exploring. Kallang Leisure Park is walking distance from the Stadium Station.

20130524-163013.jpg Here’s birthday girl Eva enjoying herself 🙂

20130524-163134.jpg Phoebie loved climbing up and down the place.

20130524-163224.jpg Eva is 3!

20130524-163250.jpg Most of the kids at the party were in the picture.

20130524-163331.jpg Eva did a wonderful job blowing out the candles 😀

20130524-163413.jpg What a beautiful family!

20130524-163452.jpg Us and the birthday girl. We love you, Vava!

Generally, I liked Peek-a-boo. The staff are friendly and attentive to the children. They look out for kids who may be too rowdy and tell them nicely to be careful when playing.

The food they provided for the party was average though. The chicken wing was too salty and I didn’t give any to Phoebie. My sister-in-law gave them the feedback, so hopefully they can do something about it. Not too sure if they will allow people to bring their own food for birthday parties but I guess we can always check with them.

And that was our first birthday party for today. I’m typing all this while Phoebie naps and recharges her energy before the next party. Haha… So… Shall share about the second party later!

So it’s almost 11pm and we just left the second party for the day. Phoebie had a lot of playing with all her friends.

This party was a simple gathering at my friend’s home, very simple and cosy.

My friend’s home has a lot of toys, so the kids have a lot to play with. But what I loved about the party this evening was the game my friend played with the kids – passing the parcel. Sure, it was a simple game but 3 to 4 year olds love it.



What my friend did was to wrap a little prize in every layer. And because adults were playing too, she wrapped the prizes for kids with fancier paper and prizes for adults with newspaper. So while she was playing music, she knew when to stop so that each child would get a good prize.

20130524-230129.jpg After the game, the fathers got to do some craft work for the kids while Mummies had dinner.

20130524-230317.jpg And after the fathers were done, the kids had awesome party masks! What a wonderful idea! 😀

20130524-230450.jpg The kids loved roaring at the birthday cake.

20130524-230533.jpg Sweet Sophie and her cake 🙂

20130524-230615.jpg Making a very sweet birthday wish.

20130524-230703.jpg All the kiddoes!

And so, that makes the end of a day filled with 3rd birthdays. Two very different kinds of birthdays but both just as enjoyable, both for adults and children.


2 thoughts on “Public Holiday and Birthday Parties

  1. been to peek a boo, felt that the place is a tad dusty, especially the top storeys underused by everyone.. the home party looks cool! idea for daddy child craft work while the mommies eat! the masks were all very well made!

    • Hmm… I went up to the upper storey and it looked okay. Maybe I went on a day they cleaned up. Haha…

      Ya! The daddies did a wonderful job with the masks and the kids loved them.

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