A Day In the Life of a SAHM

The day begins with
Trying to wake the little girl up, just so she wouldn’t be late for school. After finally managing to wake her up, it’s a mad rush of washing up, drinking milk, tying her hair and then

it’s off to school.

Once the child is in school, Mummy gets to do what she wants for a little while. Like

Image getting a little exercise, or

Image folding laundry that piling up on the bed, or

Image preparing lunch.

Before she knows it, the child is back from school and it’s lunch time. After lunch, the child wants to do everything Mummy is doing and so, on some days,

Image there’s washing of toys and on other days,

Image there’s a lot of “You can’t reach it, baby, be careful with the stick”.

Once everything has been put away, it’s nap time and then there’s

Image the battle of “I want to sleep on your bed”, “I want to play with Rabbit and Gina”, and the endless “Phoebie, lie down and sleep. No playing at Nap time”.

While the child naps, Mummy again gets some time to do more things, like

Imagewashing the bottles and dishes that are piling up in the sink, or

Imageupdate the book that records the funny things that the child says. Occasionally, Mummy also takes a nap and rest a little to recharge.

Once the child wakes up from her nap, it’s

Image snack time. Every day, it’s about coming up with a snack slightly different from the day before so that the child doesn’t get bored. Unless, of course, the child asks for the same snack.

ImageIn order to prevent the child from being bored, sometimes the child goes for a class

Image and other times, the child gets to go to a good playground

Image. But really, most days, it’s just about Imagedoing some art work or

Imageplaying with whatever we have at home.

Next thing you know, it’s timeImageto cook again. And while Mummy is cooking, the child might be off somewhere making sure Mummy has more work to doImage.

When the husband comes home from work, Mummy can hopefully get a quick breather while Image Father and child have some time to bond.

On a good day,Imagethe child gets ice-cream while Mummy stands by to clean up any possible mess and wonder if she should have given ice-cream in the first place.

Then it’s off to showerImage… Yes… Shower… And FINALLY, after a bottle of milk,Imagethe child calls it a day and Mummy can relax just a little.

Mummy can perhaps watch TV or Imagecatch up with knitting, before calling it a day and go off to bed and await the repeat of the cycle the next day.


Some days, Mummy becomes Imagea baker, just so the child gets healthy cookies that are not bought off the shelf. Other days, Mummy doubles up as a Imagehairdresser, because the child may not let anyone cut her hair and would fidget and scream in public.

ImageWhen the child is unwell, Mummy’s “duties” extend through the night as a nurse and monitors the child’s condition until she is well again.


Every day,Image Mummy holds her child by the hand and teaches her new skills that will help the child through life.

Whether it’s learning to feed herselfImage or learning to hold a brush Image, Mummy is most likely the child’s first teacher.

ImageFrom being the child’s support, to introducing her to the concept of faithImage, the SAHM is there every step of the way.

A SAHM doesn’t always go out because most of the “work” is at home. No matter how long or short a day is, all that matters to a SAHM is that her child grows up well and grows up happy.

Love you, baby.



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