Interesting Read

I was browsing my Facebook news feed this morning while Phoebie was enjoying some bonding time with her Papa, and came across this article.

It’s not a very short article but I think it’s a good read. Whether you are a SAHM or a working mum, we all need such reminders from time to time, to pay more attention to our kids.

Sometimes the littlest things that our kids do and say are really a cry for our attention. It may not take much from us but answering them sincerely in that very moment can mean the world to them.

Some ppl think that young child or even babies won’t be able to understand what it means to have a lack of attention, but I tell you, they know.

Ever recall how your child would cry as a baby and the moment you pick him/her up and the crying immediately stops? Your embrace has given them the sense of security, knowing you are there.

Ever recall your toddler showing you a skill he/she has learnt and grins widely the moment you clap your hands or say “well done”? They know you are proud of them.

So, whether baby or toddler or pre-schooler or whatever age your child is, your attention matters to them.

It’s the weekend now, so maybe it’s a good time to give some undivided attention to your child, even if it’s just for a couple of moments. 😉

Happy weekend!


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