Robinsons Expo Sale

Sale time! SAHMs are always on the lookout for sales because we all want to save money, so…

I went to the Robinsons Expo sale today to see what good deals I can find this time. If you are someone who has never been to a Robinsons Expo sale, here’s a quick guide of what you can find there.

First things first, we must know which hall the sale is at. The Robinsons Expo sale is at Hall 4 this time.

Here’s a look at what you will find in the sale. The brands available are also stated here.

If you are an Esprit fan, there are some good deals here.

Other than Esprit, there’s also…ImageFox and…

… Yes, Giordano.

If you are not a SAHM but a working mum, there’s some office wear too.

Tops, bottoms and dresses. The selection is pretty big if you have time to walk around.

For women, another important part of what we wear is of course,Image Sorella, Pierre Cardin and even Triumph are available here for $19.90 onwards.

If you like to shop for your husband, there are men’s apparels too.

Office wear, casual or sports, everything is here.

To complete your look, shoes are sold here too.

Other than apparels for adults, there are clothes for your kids too.

Pretty little dress, handsome vests, and even swimwear for kids can all be found at the sale. There’s also a kids’ shoes section which i forgot to take a photo of.

If your child wears diapers and uses Pampers, Image
you might be able to find a good deal here.

If you are pregnant and looking for stuff for your unborn child,Image
things for the nursery can also be found here.

Looking for books for yourself or your child?Image
There are quite a lot of books here. Only thing is, you probably need to spend some time to look for what you want, or choose from what they have instead of the specific book you are looking for. But hey, Robinsons doesn’t specialise in books.

Games for Wii and PS3 can also be found here. The variety is not a lot, but what you want might just be here.

The toys section is a place where kids may not want to leave. Just to name a few, they have toy guitars, keyboards, doll house, toy trucks, remote control cars and helicopters, and beach toys. Okay, so that wasn’t a few, but the list goes on.

Other than toys and clothes, what’s important to SAHMs, or in fact, all Mums for that matter, are things you need around the house. So let’s start with..

Bedlinen. Sales like the Robinsons Expo sale is a place where I love buying bedlinen from. And when you want to buy, look out for..Image
the Hourly Special! An announcer will tell everyone what the special sale is for that hour and the deals are really good. I once bought bed sheets from the hourly sale at a special deal of buy 1 get 2 free. That’s right, you pay for 1 set and bring 3 sets home, and it’s regardless of size.

But I must clarify that I’m someone who isn’t very particular about thread count. If you are someone who is particular about thread count, there could still be deals for you.Image
That’s quite a bit of money to save ya? =)

In the bed section, there’s also pillows, bolsters and comforters, and some of these items are also part of the hourly specials.

Other than bed linen, you might be looking for some other things for your place.

Plates, bowls, glassware, storage boxes and even curtains can be found here.

Electronics like fans, rice cookers, blenders, irons and water boilers of all sizes are here as well.

Oh, if you love cooking and is looking for this pot brand called WMF,Image
there are good deals for some WMF models here.

Next, we come to the snacks section. Yes, snacks!
Chips, popcorn, biscuits, jelly, candy, nuts and Chocolate of all kinds are here if you intend to have a party, or just.. well, eat them while watching tv.

This is just a fraction of the kind of chocolates at the sale, so if you love chocolates and want to try new flavours, come here after shopping for apparels and home needs.

Too much snacks may be a tad unhealthy, so here comes things that are taken for health.
A lot of supplement brands can be found here and this is just to show you the price difference.

Other than things you can consume, things that you use for your skin are also here.Image
The L’Oreal section is one of the places I will always go to because…

the products are so much cheaper here! Just to give you an example,

this mask retails at $29.90 at other places. Here at the sale, it’s $19.14 after discount.

Soo… Okay, this isn’t a quick guide after all. But I think it’s important to know what they have at the Sale, so you know whether this sale is worth your time or not.


Why I Like The Robinsons Expo Sale

I love going to the Robinsons Expo Sale each time it’s one because it’s a one-stop shopping for me. There are soo many different sections there! Of course, because of the many many sections they have there, I can spend more than 2 hours there sometimes. But the beauty of this sale is also that it usually stretches over 2 weekends. So I can go on a weekday, when the husband is at work and won’t have to be bored while I shop. Hahaha… Also, this is a great sale to share with fellow SAHMs who want to leave the house for a few hours. 


Items SAHMs May Look Out For

Other than all the items I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of things SAHMs can look for here.

If any of the things you use for chores needs to be replaced, chances are you can find it here.

Certain detergents or sprays you need may also just be here. Since you are already shopping, you might as well look for everything you need.


My Favourites
I love the snacks here… This is a place where my husband (when he goes with me) has to pull me away from. Hahaha…

Most kids love bubbles and my little girl is no exception. These bottles have 22ml of bubbles fun and they are 4 for $5! Needless to say, I bought 4 bottles. ;P

I always always look for books for my little girl here, especially the ones that teach her Chinese. The books cost between $1.90 and $6.90, so I think they are worth buying.

I love the supplements section here and always gets my daughter’s multi-vitamins here. On average, I save about $4 to $5 per bottle.

When Is a Good Time To Go?
For SAHMs, the best thing is, we have weekdays available. Such sales are usually crowded on weekends, so if your husband has an off-day on a weekday and can go with you to help carry things (hehehe…), or if you prefer to shop without your husband, weekdays are the best for us. No need to squeeze with crowds and you can take your time.

As for what time of the day, that will depend on individual preference. If your child is in school for more than 3 hours and you live relatively near to the Singapore Expo, I will say the best time to go is your child’s school time. If you are like me, where my daughter is only in pre-school for 2 hours, what I like to do is to go when it’s nap time.

ImageThere she is, napping comfortably and quietly while I look around the sale. I don’t have to worry that she will be bored and want to run around, and I don’t have to rush.

If you have more than one child or are pregnant, maybe it will be good to wait for your husband to go with you so that he can help out. In case he’s a gamer and worries about being bored, tell him there’s a games section. ;P


The Robinsons Expo Sale will be at Singapore Expo Hall 4 from now till 26th May (Sunday). So if there’s something you need that’s offered there, consider going.

Happy shopping! =)



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