Sale Alert!

Will have to sidetrack from my SAHM recap for the time being because… There are good things going on at one of my favourite places to go shopping in Singapore!


So… Let’s take a look at the events calendar.

Starting tmr and all the way till 26th May, Sunday, there’s the Robinsons sale! This is one of my favourite sales at the Singapore Expo because we can get good deals for a lot of things. From apparels to cosmetics, to supplements and even household ware, this sale has it all. What makes it even more attractive is the price. One stop shopping at great deals. What’s not to love? Just make sure u have enough space in your car boot to bring everything home. ;P

17th to 19th May, there’s the MPH book sale. So if u are a SAHM looking for good books to read, this might just be your place.

24th to 26th May, there’s an electronics fair, so if you r looking for appliances, that could be your place to look.

And then… 30th May to 2nd June, there’s the annual Motherhood fair. That’s like a must-go for mums-to-be and mums who have young children. A lot of different vendors will be there to meet ur babies’ needs. Oh, and a lot of diaper brands have great deals there too!

If making multiple trips to the Singapore Expo can be an issue, I will suggest going on days where the fairs or sales u like coincide. That way, u make ur trip more worthwhile and maybe the husband will complain a little lesser. Hahaha…

Happy shopping (if u r going)!


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