In The Beginning

As I write this, the person who made me a SAHM is already two and a half years old.

I thought it will be interesting to spend some time recapping the past two and a half years before we come to present day. I doubt I can cover everything in one single post, so please bear with me as I walk down memory lane.


This little bundle marked the beginning of my journey as a SAHM. And by little, i really mean little. She was only 2.575kg when she was born. Nope, she wasn’t born premature. In fact, I was just a few days shy of 40 weeks when she was born. But her being small wasn’t a bad thing because all it took was three pushes for her to come out.

I remember my gynae coming in to check on me at the Delivery Suite when I started pushing, and as he left, the midwife almost immediately told me to stop pushing because the baby was crowning and the gynae was not around. The midwife had to prevent the baby from coming out of me n held her in by pressing on the soft spots of the baby’s head. The midwife asked me what I did at home and why I was able to push the baby out so quickly. In a blur, I told her i did a lot of kegel exercises and I walked a lot. Hahahaha…

And so, on a Tuesday afternoon in October 2012, at 1448hrs, Phoebie Koh was born and changed my life forever.

This is Phoebie when she was a few days old. Looking at this picture, I think she still looks a little like this now. Hahaha…

She wasn’t an easy baby to breastfeed at first. She would cry when she was hungry but didn’t seem to know how to latch on. So contrary to popular belief, no, latching on is not a natural reflex for all babies. I had heard stories of how babies would latch on easily simply by hearing someone make a sucking sound, but no, that didn’t work with Phoebie. The first few days of trying to feed her was frustrating. It didn’t help that all the pregnancy hormones were draining away from my body and I was tired.

Thankfully, Phoebie’s paediatrician called on the lactation department at the hospital and the lactation consultant patiently helped us find out what was wrong, Apparently, Phoebie didn’t know how to press her tongue down and even though she was hungry, she kept pushing whatever we put into her mouth out with her tongue. The lactation consultant (my saviour in breastfeeding!) then corrected Phoebie’s sucking technique and voila! Phoebie was able to latch on properly!


This was us when Phoebie was about 3 weeks old. Looking back, I do miss the days when she was all small and cuddly, and not running around for me to chase her, like now.

Staying home with Phoebie, I gave myself an assignment to take daily photos of her so that I could make a video montage of her first year. Well, there were days I forgot to take photos and the video, as of now, is still not made. But I certainly took a lot of photos of her during her first year because of what I had initially wanted to to.

This was Phoebie at 1 month and 10 days. It was really good to see her put on some weight since everyone kept telling me how tiny she was. Trust me, when you are trying very hard to give your child the best care possible, hearing people say she is very tiny doesn’t always feel good.

This was Phoebie, a few days shy of 2 months. By now, her hair was standing and her face was getting chubbier. I remember telling people that her hair stood up because i would always brush her hair upwards after a shower. And why brush upwards? Because this little baby perspired easily and my mentality was I wanted to “air” her scalp without having to shave her hair away.

Oh, and why didn’t I want to shave her? Because I knew that if she had more of my genes, she wouldn’t have much hair by her first birthday, and I didn’t want my little girl not to have hair. Hahaha… Also, I remember reading an article somewhere about how shaving doesn’t increase the number of hair follicles on the head, so it doesn’t help with babies having more hair. Of course, after some observation, I think it all still depends on the genetics of the family. Some babies are shaved multiple times because the hair grows super fast. Some babies just remain bald as an egg. So, hair shaving for babies is really a preference thing.

Alright, so I have to run off to pick Phoebie up from preschool now. Yes, that’s the part of the daily routine of a SAHM. But before I go, here’s Phoebie at 2 months


More recap to come!


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